Destination Odisha
The Soul Of Odisha

Odisha, the land bridges halves of the north and south, which pulsates with the spirit of Indian Culture and recognized as Odra, Kalinga, Koshala or Utkala during the historic periods. The checkered history of Odisha under the consecutive rulers of diverse dynasties is the adaptation and an amalgamation of the best of Hindu, Buddhist and Jain cultures including the Cult of Mahima. Being one of the India’s chief tourism sectors, it provides numerous tourist attractions that range from temples, monuments, beaches, wildlife reserves, the festivals and arts.

The Fascinating Odisha Culture
Odisha State welcomes with warmth to the core of fascinating Odisha tourism with cultural roots aptly represented by the famous Sun Temple at Konark and the revered Jagannath Temple at Puri. It is the home of sixty-two tribes, and has long been a favorite for not only the tourists, but also among the academics. Odisha remains in the epitome of continuing and living India’s culture.

The sacred environs of the Puri Jagannath Dham, the amative sculptures of Sun temple in Konark, the extraordinary Khandagiri and Udayagiri caves, the spiritual monasteries of Buddhism, beautiful folklore paintings, or weaver's enchanted skills on handloom describe articulately of past, ongoing present and forthcoming future. The Odissi dance, handlooms and exquisite handicrafts communicate a unique cultural identity to this land.

Ecstatic Places Of Interest
Revered Jagannath Dham Puri Odisha
Exploring the place of Puri is a divine experience of Odisha tourism for the tourists. The famous Jagannath temple being the pilgrimage destination of all the worshippers exhibits enthralling ambience and positive vibes. The central forms of three siblings Lord Jagannath, Goddess Subhadra and Lord Balabhadra sit at the bejeweled platform in the inner sanctum. The Jagannath temple festivals observed is the famous Rath Yatra in which the triad lords visit the Mausi Maa Temple in their chariots giving blessings to the millions of devotees. It is the most significant festival held once in the month of Asadha on every year.

The City Of Temples
Bhubaneswar, the capital of Odisha is also renowned as the city of temples. The city is amassed with sacred temples displaying the architectural legacy of the ancient Kalinga period. Among them, the biggest of all, Lingaraj temple dedicated to Lord Shiva represents the quintessence of Kalinga architecture and is the most remarkable tourist attraction and visited by millions of devotees. Odisha is filled with numerous noteworthy temples that can captivate the visitors.

Ancient Black Pagoda In Konark
The astonishing the 13th century Konark temple also known as the Black pagoda stands tall in the minds of tourist’s in spite of the fact that it is now in ruins. The temple made of stones is in the shape of a chariot having carved wheels, pillars and walls. It is recognized as the world heritage site declared by UNESCO. It is a prominent landmark that receives numerous visitors from far-flung places daily to view its unique architecture and rock engravings.

Ephemeral Environment Of Chilika
The exotic Chilika Lake in Odisha is a brackish water lagoon on the east coast of India and one of the most important aspects of Odisha Tour Packages. The Chilika wildlife sanctuary has sustained the ecological richness by preserving its habitats. The varieties of rare and endangered species of flora and fauna are found here. The birds of typical species like white-bellied sea eagles, kestrels, falcons, kites, flamingos, pelicans and infrequent rare birds like Asiatic dowitchers are sighted during the migratory seasons.

Wildlife Destination Of Bhitarkanika
The Bhitarkanika National Park is one of the most magnificent wildlife sanctuaries in India due to significant multiple reasons. The house of the sanctuary has luxuriant mangroves, numerous species of animals and birds. It witnesses the migratory birds from Europe and Central Asia during the winters. In addition to that, it is also the home of avifauna, reptilian and mammalian population.

Pulsating Beaches And Waterfalls
Citing one of the exquisite beach locations of Odisha is the Chandipur-on-sea in the Bay of Bengal where the water recedes up to a few kilometers due to ebb tides. Other amazing beaches that are the best places for tourists to visit are Konark, Talasari, Gahirmatha and Gopalpur.There are vibrant waterfall locations with scenic beauties in Odisha’s various parts. To cite only some of them are Badaghagara, Duduma, Devkund, Joranda, Khandadhar in Sundagarh, Koilighugar, Barehipani and various other picturesque waterfalls.

Admirable Puri Beach Festival
The popular Beach festival of Puri is held on a beautiful beach that is the renowned Puri’s Swargadwara and witnesses the festive celebration of the lovely spirit of Odia people. Here, the traditional Indian folk and classical dances are performed which offers an exceptional opportunity to the tourists and get pleasure from abundant charms in Odisha tour packages. It also features an exhibition held for extraordinary handlooms, aesthetic Handicrafts and the brilliant arts made of Sand. There are thousands of perspectives in Odisha tourism that presents the distinguished cultural heritage and history of India and the visitors will definitely enjoy them.