Odisha Wild Life Tour
The Soul Of Odisha


Odisha, being on the eastern side of India has significant wildlife, lush greenery and golden beaches. The state filled with renowned number of wildlife sanctuaries in India that presents a remarkable opportunity for visitors to experience the tour of amazing wild life Odisha. Various kinds of rare flora and fauna find home in here. The dense mangroves and red silk and cotton trees make them the wonderful ground for the breeding of the Asiatic lions. Exploring the wild life Odisha can provide an exhilarating perspective of the biodiversity.

It is one of the famous national wildlife sanctuaries in India that is spread over an area of 672 kilometers of thick mangrove forests and marshlands. The sanctuary is the home to various species of birds, including the migratory ones that fly from Europe and central Asia during the winters. There are Giant Salt Water Crocodiles and several varieties of other animal species. In addition to that, this sanctuary is also rich in avifauna, reptilian and mammalian population.

It is a dense block of eminent plateau lying at the core of the Mayurbhanj District and also the biggest reserve forest block of India. The reserve is prospective habitat where a wide range of flora and fauna can be found and it provides space to the large number of tigers, sambar, chital, leopards, and as many as 304 varieties of birds. It is a prominent reserve forest of Odisha that is inhabited by a host of amphibians, aquatic animals and invertebrates.

The Park is situated close to Bhubaneswar that can be found amidst the Chandaka Forest, where the environment can be explored in full furrow. The Nandankanan Park is a real wonder as it finds immense popularity among the tourists, and has got a name as the 'Garden of Pleasure'. The tourists can spot reptiles that include snakes, crocodiles and turtles. While the Nilgiri langur, Sangal Lion and Asiatic Lions are the inhabitants of the park, which gives a completely breathtaking view.

The Chilika Lake Bird Sanctuary is famous for its rich ecological diversity having rare and endangered flora and fauna. Infrequent avifauna can be found here during the winter seasons. It is a sanctuary for wildlife lovers to discover the magnificent natural world of the area. It is the best kind of wildlife tourism in India that provides an astounding experience for the tourists.
Further than these prominent tourist attractions, there are several major places to visit for a wildlife tour such as Baisipalli Wildlife Sanctuary, Balimela Wildlife Sanctuary, Chandaka Elephant Sanctuary, Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary, Satkosia Tiger Reserve, Sunabeda Tiger Reserve and others. Enthusiasts would find all the thrill and fun in these affluent wildlife tours. .

This wildlife sanctuary is situated at 50 kilometers from the nearest town of Sambalpur in Odisha. It is the home of various wildlife creatures that include Leopard, Tiger, Chital, Sambar, and Nilgai Sloth Bear in its mixed deciduous forest spread over an area of about 350 square kilometers. The sanctuary also hosts various birds, reptiles and amphibians that enhance the beauty and diversity of the place.
The vast water body of the Hirakud reservoir attracts thousands of Ducks, Geese and Waders for feeding and roosting in the winter months. As per the estimate, this is the third largest water bird congregation in the state.

The central states of Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh can be toured for getting the experience the best of wildlife tourism in India. The central part of India is known for its climate, vegetation and diverse topography. Various hill ranges of Satpura, Ajanta, Aravali, Vindhya and Maikal are situated over here and promise the variety of species of fauna and flora. Therefore, 35 wildlife sanctuaries and 15 national parks are located in the Central states of India.

It is situated in the state of Chhattisgarh where the wildlife explorers come to experience the fun of the ecological diversity. The plant life in the here comprises Saja, Kara, Teinsa, Sal, and Haldu species and the wild animals like leopard, hyena, fox, bear, cheetal, wild buffalo, nilgai and others find cover here.

This sanctuary with a rich fauna is situated in the hilly regions of Chhattisgarh that is home to the abundant species of untamed animals like the Canis aureus jackal, Leopard, Wild Bear, sloth bear Melursus ursinus, Tiger Panthera, striped Hyaena, Indian wild dog Cuon alpinus, Chital, nilgai Boselaphus tragocamelus, Chinkara, Wild Boar, four-horned antelope or Tetracerus quadricornis, and so on.
These central states of India cover profuse number of national parks and wildlife sanctuaries that are yet to be discovered entirely by the visitors for wildlife tourism in India. They will find immense pleasure in viewing those wildlife locations.

It is a renowned national park and one of the tiger reserves of India in Madhya Pradesh. Abundant Sal and Bamboo trees along with rich greenery are spread over the forest and give a visual treat to the visitors. Beautiful flora of over 1000 species adds to its glory. Wildlife animals like Tiger, Leopard, Wildcats, Foxes, Jackals, Sambar, Spotted deer, Barasingha and various animals are found here. Different reptiles such as Cobras, Grass Snakes, Vipers and amphibian Turtles of many species are also its residents.

This popular national park has a large biodiversity that encompasses over 446 square kilometers in Madhya Pradesh. This sanctuary is the home to one of the highest density of Bengal tigers in the entire world. Inside the mixed forests, animals such as Leopards, Sambar, Hyena, Cheetal and Spotted deer have been witnessed. Also, various typical and peculiar birds such as Brown Fish Owl, Olive-backed Pipit, Black-winged Stilt and other Avifauna are seen here.

Spread over the area of about 245 kilometers, this important wildlife sanctuary of Chhattisgarh is filled with lush green vegetation and amazing wildlife. Some major animals are located here such as Tigers, Jackals, Sloth Bears, Black buck, Porcupines, Jungle Cats, Leopards, Sambar, Cheetal, Antelopes and others. Cobras and Pythons among reptiles and prominent birds such as Green Avadavat, White-rumped Vultures, Bulbul, Pea Fowls and various species find a home here.